Curiosity is,
the engine of achievements

Hi There,

I'm Amine Elouarti

Software engineer based in Morocco, my passion is to improve people's life through solid and scalable products.

About Me

Passionate about building immersive products.

Like any other kid, I was curious about how most things work. Growing up I’ve been trying various stuff, editing videos, 3d modeling, but coding happens to be the thing that stuck around. That was the main reason why I chose computer science as my major.

Fast forward to 2019, I had finally graduated with a bachelor degree in the field, in the last year of my major I’ve been trying to work with different web technologies since I believe that the web is a great platform to build beautiful and accessible apps. At the age of 22, I’m looking forward to work in a team environment and build great products that we’ll be proud of.


Software Developement

Curious computer science specialist, with a strong foundation in logic, algorithms and web technologies coding, seeking to leverage solid skills in collaboration, communication and developenent as a programmer.

Highlights of my university journey :

  • Graduated with 14.20 ( French system).
  • My favorite classes: Graph theory, Entrepreneurship, Optimization techniques, cryptography, Data structures and algorithms, Computer Networks, Software Architectures.
  • Favorite area of study: Software Design and Architecture

UI Design

Strong understanding of the process of interface design, mostly intrigued by minimal design, open to learning other styles and looking forward to building well thought of products with great designers.

Highlights of my Design Journey :

  • Understanding of The importance of Hierarchy.
  • Typography
  • Color Theory


Projects I worked on

Linear Optimization techniques.

implemented the Simplex optimization algorithm using C, on a production problem. It was my first opportunity to fully understand the power of optimization techniques, such techniques can allow us to minimize the loose cost, and be efficient with our resources.

Intrusion detection System.

Having no knowledge about machine learning, this was a huge challenge for me with close deadlines. I had to manage my time, into research to get a glimpse of the field, understanding the data, and building the model. Two months in I managed to get a trained model that was able to detect intrusion in the validation dataset with 89%. I’ve learned a lot in this project, had the opportunity to apply the maths I acquired from the university, and the opportunity to work with amazing people in the network security field. I was managed by AMENDIS information system product manager, this was a huge win for me to see how agile works and how things work in the corporate world.

Bookstore with CMS from scratch.

This is the first freelance project I worked with a friend on, I was responsible for front-end development. I implemented a responsive application, and dashboard to manage the products in the app. I used next.js alongside Redux to get both the benefits of the flux architecture and the server-side rendering speed. The client was happy with the quality of the work we did. This was my first project after graduating and I’m proud of it.

Gfree, Gluten free community.

This is the flagship product that I keep delaying, I’m trying to get it perfect. We can also say this is my sandbox where I try concepts and new technologies before I add them to my personal stack. The idea behind this app is to create a community where gluten-free diet people can share their stories and ideas with the world easily. The app has two editors one for stories and one for recipes, both done. But still, I have decided on the date of publication yet.

Local Ecommerce platform.

After working on the bookstore, we noticed that they’re many clients locally that want to elevate their business to the online world. So I and my friends decided to build an accessible platform for those clients where they can sell their products.